Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses For Video

olympus om-d with 12-40mm lense

When looking for the best micro four-thirds lenses for video, you will have a few different requirements than searching for a lens for still photographs.

Your main concern will be ensuring that the lens is silent. You probably do not want to hear the ‘whirring’ sound of the lens when you are zooming in on your shot, do you?

Ideally, the lens should also be incredibly versatile. We aren’t just talking about the cameras that it can attach to here. We are talking about how the lens performs. When shooting brilliant videos, you probably do not have the time to switch out lenses repeatedly. You want something that will work for most shots you want to make.

We have gone through product after product. What follows is what we believe are the best micro four-thirdsOpens in a new tab. lenses for video on the market. These will come from fantastic manufacturers, so you know that they are the best in the class. 

Olympus 40-150mm 

Olympus is known for making brilliant lenses, and this 40-150mm telephoto lens is no exception to that rule.

One of the main marketing points for this camera is just how silent the lens is. Having played around with this camera, we can certainly agree with that. While there may be a small amount of whirring on camera, it will be barely noticeable when you zoom in with this lens. This is pretty much as silent as you can get with lenses.

The zoom on this is incredibly powerful, and the image quality is crystal-clear. If you want to produce good-looking videos, then this Olympus lens should be in your sightline.

Rokinon Cine 135mm Telephoto Lens

The minimum focusing length on this micro four-thirds lensOpens in a new tab. for video from Rokinon is 2.6-feet, so if you plan to focus on shots a bit closer than that, then this lens probably isn’t going to be for you.

Outside of that, this lens is brilliant. While this is a lens that a photographer could easily use, absolutely everything about this lens has been designed for the videographer. This makes it one of the best micro four-thirdsOpens in a new tab. lenses on the market.

The fast T/2.2 aperture of this camera lens means that it will be brilliant for those in low-light conditions. So, if you do a lot of your filming at night, this camera lens is a ‘must buy.’

Even if you shoot in daylight hours, you will still love this lens. The anti-flare technology in the lens means that even the brightest of days won’t stand in your way of creating some brilliant videos.

One of the reasons this lens made it to our list is how ‘cinematic’ everything feels when shot with this lens. The colors are absolutely perfect, and the image quality is tight. With this lens, you will be ending up with a video that looks pretty close to ‘real life.

Sigma Contemporary Micro Four Thirds Lens – 16mm F1.4

With a blisteringly fast F/1.4 aperture, this Sigma lens is perfect for shooting in low-light conditions.

The apertureOpens in a new tab. isn’t just brilliant for low light shooting, though. Many people love this lens because it can really add a proper depth of field to shots. Basically, it makes everything seem a whole lot more cinematic. Perfect for videographers.

Autofocus has been built into this lens. This means that you can worry about shooting quality videos without worrying too much about ensuring that the focus is perfect. The lens will be doing the hard work on that front. Of course, if you want to put the focus into your own hands, you can easily switch that option off.

This is an incredibly quiet lens. Even when the autofocus motorOpens in a new tab. is whirring away, you would have to really be listening intently to hear it on the video. As long as you are not filming a completely silent shot, we doubt that you will hear the motor at all. The ‘sound dampening’ is just that good.

This is a 16mm lens, so if you need something that zooms in, this probably isn’t the right lens for you. However, the lack of zoom means that it will be brilliant at those ‘closer’ shots, i.e., the ones that most videographers are going to be pumping out anyway.

Panasonic 35mm to 100mm Lens

We are going to wrap up with this offering from Panasonic. As you can imagine, since this is a professional quality lens, the price will be sky-high compared to other lenses on the market. However, the price is worth it if you want to invest in a lens that can offer perfect clarity in your shots.

This is probably one of the most rugged lenses on the market. It doesn’t matter whether it is raining, snowing, or incredibly dusty. This lens is going to outperform the competition. Therefore, we recommend this as one of the best micro four-thirds lensesOpens in a new tab. for video for those planning to shoot some videos in more unique locations.

Pair this lens with a quality camera, and you will be able to shoot stunning 4K videos.  This is all due to the sublime performance of the lens.

Of course, the 35mm to 100mm lens will ensure that you will be covered for pretty much every eventuality when you are shooting a video. Don’t worry; the lens boasts a very silent motor, too, something that will not hamper any other sound you hear in your shots.

Conclusion for the Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses for Video

Remember, most lenses will work for shooting video, but not all of them will be brilliant at the job. Spend your time looking for a silent, versatile micro four-thirds lens for your video projects, and you will end up with something that will give you the shots that you know that you are capable of.

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