Smile, You’re Insta Famous: Our Top Instagram For Photographers Tips

Instagram for Photographers

Photography is one of the most popular hobbies. Photography helps us enhance and share our everyday life experiences, boosts self-expression, and is generally easy to learn.

And social media, specifically Instagram, made it easier to share and promote your photography.

With 26 Instagram uploads every secondOpens in a new tab., it’s no wonder why many photographers are taking to Instagram to share their photography. 

How do you use your photography to gain more followers and engagement?

The secret is in the quality of photos you take. Read this Instagram for photographers’ guide and know how to take better Instagram photos.

Don’t Overexpose Your Images

We’ll get to lighting in a second. But what happens when you take images without the best lighting? If you have no other lighting choices, you can always edit them. Increasing the exposure is an effective lightening tool.

Overexposing imagesOpens in a new tab. takes away too much detail. This is because overexposure takes out shadows. Photos need a combination of light and shadows to bring out specific details. In addition, overexposure can also make a photo look too grainy.

Use Natural Light

Now that you know overediting and overexposing your photos is bad, how do you get lighting right the first time? Natural light, especially sunlight, is the best lighting.

Natural light helps make any photo look crisp and high-quality, even if you’re shooting from your phone.

When shooting outside, such as with landscape photographyOpens in a new tab., make sure you’re shooting in an area with the best concentration of sunlight. If you’re shooting inside, open up those windows and let the sunlight pour in.

What if this isn’t an option? Many cameras (and even your phone camera) have a flash that imitates natural light. You can also buy an additional flash to increase your camera flash’s brightness.

There are also natural lights that mimic the sunlight. These don’t attach to your camera — rather, they stand on stands or tripods so you have more control over their positioning.

Use Your Grid

To ensure you have an effective composition, many professional cameras and your phone have a grid feature. The gridOpens in a new tab. helps to balance each feature of your image to ensure the composition is precise.

Ensure your subject is anywhere on the lines that intersect.

Get Creative!

With so many Instagram photographers, it’s easy to post cliché Instagram photos. In addition, many photographers stay in their comfort zone. To achieve more followers and engagements, don’t be afraid to get creative.

The best way to stand out is by not following Instagram photography trends. Stick to the main points on releasing a quality photograph.

Try and use your artistic side and find different angles and expressions for your subjects. You can also develop a distinctive photography style.

Instagram for Photographers: When You Need a Professional Camera

These Instagram for photographers tips can be used for your cell phone photographyOpens in a new tab.. But there comes a time when you’ll need a professional camera.

The Micro Four Third System, or M43, is an advanced system over the DSLR’s full-frame sensors.

Not sure which M43 camera and lenses you should buy? Let us help you outOpens in a new tab.!

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