Choosing The Right Case Or Bag For Your Micro 4:3 Camera

Choosing The Right Case Or Bag For Your Micro 4:3 Camera

Choosing the Right Case or Bag for Your Micro 4:3 Camera

The Micro 4:3 camera, the brainchild of Olympus and Panasonic’s collaborative efforts, is among the best cameras to ever hit the market. It’s a powerful mirrorless camera packed with featuresOpens in a new tab. like in-camera stabilization and post-focus to ensure it delivers superlative-quality images and videos at all times. 

But like any photography gear, the micro 4:3 is still susceptible to damage, which is why you should consider a carrying case. With one, your micro four-thirds will be safe from knocks and bumps while being at arm’s length whenever you need it.

But with the array of camera bags available, how do you even identify the best one for your micro four-thirds? We got you. We compiled a list of the three best camera cases, alongside a brief guide on choosing the right camera carrying case for the Micro 4:3Opens in a new tab.

Think Tank Photo Mirrorless Mover 20-Pewter 

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Think Tank has a reputation for high-quality bags, and this mirrorless mover 20 bag sure lives up to it. It’s essentially a shoulder bag, but the strap is removable, meaning you can always remove it and carry the bag as a belt pack or using the grab handle on top.

It is designed from high-quality nylon and a durable poly ballistic fabric to ensure complete camera and content protection from the elements. Plus, you even get a seam-sealed rain cover. The Think Tank mirrorless mover 20 is also padded to ensure your cameras stay put.

It can fit the Olympus OM-D-E-M5 camera or any other medium-sized camera and two to three camera lenses. There’s an internal mesh pocket for your battery and other small accessories. This bag also has adjustable dividers meaning customizable compartmentalization. 


  • Brand: Think Tank 
  • Type: shoulder bag
  • Material: nylon, polyester 
  • Weight: 0.7 pounds
  • Color: dark grey
  • For who: Unisex

Billingham Hadley Pro 2020 Camera Bag

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If you bought a micro four-thirds mainly due to its compact size and prefer an equally compact carrying case for it, this Billingham Hadley Pro bag might be just what you need. The bag weighs only 2.6 pounds, and besides, in black, it also comes in shades like burgundy, chocolate leather, and khaki fibrenyte, among others.

It’s designed from hard-wearing canvas and fibrenyte fabric, which are both waterproof. And to protect your camera from the rain further, the top flap is sculpted around the opening to prevent water from getting into the bag. It comes with a removable shoulder sling so you can carry it as an everyday shoulder bag or use the handle.

To ensure comfort, the manufacturer included leather on the underside of the handle, while for ease of access, it features front straps with a quick-release feature. The Hadley Pro bag will fit almost any mirrorless camera and about three medium-sized camera lenses and accessories. 


  • Brand: Billingham Hadley Pro 2020 Camera Bag
  • Type: shoulder bag 
  • Material: Canvas 
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • Color: tan leather, black leather, burgundy, khaki canvas, chocolate leather, sage fibrenyte 
  • For who: Unisex

Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 20L Midnight Camera Bag

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The Peak Design Everyday Backpack is an excellent fit for serious micro-four-thirds photographers who carry plenty of gear. It comes in black but is also available in a beautiful tan color, midnight blue, and charcoal black shades.

It has three adjustable dividers, meaning you get multiple storage compartments and configure them how you deem fit. The bag can house one camera and 4-5 extra lenses and other photography accessories. In addition, you also get dedicated sleeves for a 15inch laptop or tablet, making life on the road with your gear even more effortless. 

As if not impressive enough, this camera bag can expand to house even more equipment. The easy to snap MagLatch hardware allows you to create more internal space, while the external straps near the bottom edge mean you can quickly hook your tripod or extra gear to the outside of the bag.

It also features stretchy exterior compartments big enough to hold your tripod, water bottle, or anything you’d like to access quickly. Speaking of access, this backpack lets you access anything in an instant.

It features zips with theft-deterrent pulls on each side, meaning you can open it from either, and a strong yet easy-to-open MagLatch hardware on top. 

And that’s not all because this Peak Design backpack is designed to offer maximum comfort. It has padded shoulder straps contoured to comfortably fit the user’s back, while the axial attachments ensure even weight distribution.

And for additional comfort, the bag has a removable sternum strap and padded grab handles on each side, so you don’t always need to have it on your back. If you’ve got plenty of gear and need a bigger backpack, it’s available in 30L capacity too.

To sum it up, the Peak Design V2 20L midnight camera bag is one of the best camera backpacks you’ll find in the market. 


  • Brand: Peak Design
  • Type: backpack
  • Material: recycled nylon canvas
  • Weight: 4.14 pounds
  • Color: black, tan, midnight blue, charcoal black 
  • For who: Unisex
  • Weatherproof 

Buying the Best Camera Bag for Your Micro 4:3 Camera: Five Important Factors to Consider 

Whether you own an OlympusOpens in a new tab. OM-D-E M10 Mark IV or the Panasonic Lumix DC-GX9M, investing in a carrying case is among the best decisions you’ll make. Here are essential considerations you should make before swiping your credit card for one:

The Type of Camera Bag

Camera carrying cases aren’t a one-size-fits-all and typically include:

  1. Pouches: these are usually small and usually carried on one shoulder. They are designed for compact cameras like the Micro 4:3Opens in a new tab. but have smaller pockets for accessories like SD cards and batteries. 
  2. Holsters: like pouches, holsters for cameras are also small. Holsters often feature a strap to hang around your waist but may also feature a shoulder strap depending on the model you choose. They usually fit a single camera but, unlike pouches, may have additional compartments for accessories.
  3. Backpacks: as the name implies, Micro 4:3 camera backpacks are carried like standard backpacks but stand out due to having multiple compartments for easier organization. Some may even feature a tripod hook so moving around with all gear is a breeze.
  4. Rolling cases: like the name suggests, roller bags often feature wheels and are dragged around like actual suitcases. They’re specially designed for cameras and photography equipment, and the main compartment often features dividers for easy organization.


Besides type, consider quality to ensure you buy the best possible carrying case for your Micro 4:3. Look for cases made from materials like polypropylene as it boasts excellent durability and is lightweight. Check the bag for padding too.

Well-padded carrying cases prevent your micro four-thirds from bumping against other photography gear and accessories in the bag.  You should also strive to get a waterproof bag, especially if you’re always on the move. 

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